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Mayor & Council

The City of St. Catharines is governed by a Mayor and 12 councillors, who are elected every four years.

The Mayor is elected at large, which means all citizens eligible to vote choose from the same mayoral candidates when casting a ballot. By contrast, councillors are elected to represent one of six wards. Voters within a specific ward elect two councillors.

The Mayor of St. Catharines is Walter Sendzik.

St. Catharines wards and councillors are:

  • Ward 1 Merritton: David Haywood and Jennifer (Jennie) Stevens
  • Ward 2 St. Andrew's: Matthew Harris and Joseph Kushner
  • Ward 3 St. George's: Mike Britton and Sal Sorrento  
  • Ward 4 St. Patrick's: Mark Elliott and Mathew Siscoe
  • Ward 5 Grantham: Sandie Bellows and Bill Phillips
  • Ward 6 Port Dalhousie: Carlos Garcia and Bruce Williamson

Inaugural Meeting

The inaugural meeting of the 2014-2018 St. Catharines City Council was held Monday, Dec. 1 at the Royal Canadian Legion Polish Veterans Branch.

Read a copy of Mayor Walter Sendzik's Inaugural Address 

Contact Information


Office of the Mayor

Mayor Walter Sendzik905.688.5601 ext. 1540
Grantham Ward  
Coun. Sandie Bellows905.380.7310
Coun. Bill Phillips905.327.5363
Merritton Ward    
Coun. David Haywood289.696.0243
Coun. Jennie Stevens905.328.6722
Port Dalhousie Ward 
Coun. Carlos Garcia905.937.7012
Coun. Bruce Williamson905.934.2787
St. Andrew's Ward 
Coun. Matt Harris905.329.6802
Coun. Joe Kushner905.327.9638 or 905.685.1817
St. George's Ward 
Coun. Mike Britton905.359.7449
Coun. Sal Sorrento289.696.3673
St. Patrick's Ward 
Coun. Mark Elliott905.327.1763
Coun. Mat Siscoe905.329.8162

Code of Conduct for Elected Officials

In 2010, in addition to their statutory obligations, the Mayor and Members of Council adopted a Code of Conduct for Elected Officials, Local Boards and Advisory Committees.


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