Property Standards


Buildings are required to be structurally sound. All exterior walls, roofs and foundations are required to be maintained as reasonably safe and protected against deterioration. Property standards inspections ensure and enforce by-laws related to boarding up of vacant buildings, removal of waste and accident hazard conditions, as well as requirements for structural, heating, electrical, plumbing, cleanliness, storage, etc.


When the Property Standards office receives a written complaint, an inspector completes a site visit to ensure it is a valid complaint. Once this has been established, a letter is sent advising the specifics of the infraction and what is required for compliance of the bylaw, including how long the resident or landlord has to complete the modifications for compliance.

If you are a tenant, check out our Things Tenants Should Know guide for tips on meeting the City's property standards.

Complaints Form from Tenants:

The following information must be provided:

  • A copy of the written complaint that you have submitted to your landlord and /or management company listing the issues that need to be addressed and a two week timeline to have the work started / completed.
  • When completing and submitting the Planning and Building Services Complaint Form, please be sure to complete the bottom of the form with your name, address, telephone number, signature and date; or submit an email and include all of this information.


By-law Number 2014-248 details prescribed standards for the maintenance and occupancy of property in the City of St. Catharines.

For further assistance, please contact the Compliance Co-ordinator.

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