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Meridian Centre Community Seats and Suite

The City of St. Catharines is pleased to offer the use of its Community Suite or Club Seat tickets to local non-profit organizations and sporting groups for select Niagara IceDogs and Niagara River Lions home games during the 2017/2018 season.

How the program works

Ice Dogs playing hockeyThe City will split the number of available games between two groups of applicants:

  1. Groups who will take children / youth to an IceDogs or River Lions game.
  2. Groups who will use the Community Suite for fundraising purposes.

Organizations planning to bring children and youth to an IceDogs or River Lions game can apply for 12 club seat tickets and will receive priority for weekend games. Alternatively, organizations can apply for 12 tickets and use of the City's community suite to sell, auction or raffle for fundraising purposes. Organizations cannot apply for both the club seats and the community suite.

Should there be fewer qualified applicants than there are available dates for either group the City will offer remaining dates to the other group of applicants.

Club seats for youth groupsMeridian Centre Seating Map

  • Youth groups who plan on attending an IceDogs or River Lions game will receive 12 Club Seat tickets.
  • Club Seats are located on the upper bowl of the arena, in the IceDogs end of the rink.
  • Club Seats are given rather than the Community Suite because the Community Suite only has seating for ten. By giving the group 12 club seats it ensures everyone in the group has a comfortable seat and that no one will have to stand to watch the game.  Youth groups must have one adult over the age of 18 in attendance.
  • No deposit is required for the seats.

Community Suite for fundraising

  • Groups who plan on using the community suite as a fundraiser will receive 12 tickets to the game and use of the City's community suite.
  • A damage deposit of $250 for the Community Suite must be submitted to the Meridian Centre prior to the distribution of tickets per Terms and Conditions of application.

Who Is Eligible

Meridian Centre suiteQualifying Criteria (all must be met)

  1. Type of Organization
    Organizations must be a registered charity, or an incorporated non-profit, or a minor not-for-profit sport association (documentation is required)
    • Registered Charities and Incorporated Non-Profits
      Organizations in this category are eligible to apply; however, those that also provide services that focus on youth will be given preference.
    • Minor Not-for-Profit Sport Associations 
      Only amateur sports leagues or associations administering activities solely for children or youth under 18 will be eligible. The organization must operate on a not-for-profit basis and access to the sports program must be available widely to the community as a whole, without discrimination on any grounds. The organization must also be an association or club which governs multiple teams spanning several age groups. Individual teams involving a narrow age group or small number of participants are not eligible.
  2. Geographic location
    Organizations must serve the residents of St. Catharines to be eligible. Organizations located in St. Catharines will be given preference. 
  3. Use of Community Suite/Club Seats
    Organizations are expected to provide tickets to youth to attend and/or to sell, auction or raffle Community Suite tickets for charitable fundraising purposes.
    • Organizations must indicate how they will use the tickets and Community Suite as part of the application process and will be considered for tickets available for that use only. 

How To Apply

Outside of Meridian CentreApplications for 2018/2019 have closed.

City staff is currently reviewing all applications. Applicants will be contacted in September letting them know whether or not their application was successful.

Scoring Criteria

The City will use the following criteria to qualify and prioritize request from community groups intending to bring children and youth to IceDogs games:

Criteria Points
Tickets will be used for youth (18 and under) to attend 10
Organization is located in St. Catharines 5
Organization applied, but did not receive tickets in the previous year 5
Total points available 20


The City will use the following criteria to qualify and prioritize request from community groups intending to use the Community Suite for fundraising purposes:

Criteria Points
Suite/tickets will be used for fundraising purposes 10
Organization is located in St. Catharines 5
Organization applied, but did not receive tickets in the previous year 5
Total points available 20


Please note: If eligible demand exceeds supply a draw will be held to determine the recipients.

Games are drawn at random.  The decision of the selection committee is final.

Successful Applicants

Below are highlights of the terms of use for using the Community Suite. Please refer to the Licence Agreement for full terms and conditions.

  • All successful applicants will be asked to provide a credit card number or $250 refundable security deposit for use of the Community Suite.
  • There must be at least one person over the age of 18 in the Community Suite or Club Seats at all times.
  • There is a limit of 12 individuals allowed in the suite at any give time.
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