STC StoryLab

What is STC StoryLab?

STC StoryLab is a multi-year oral history project that will collect and share the oral history and living memory of St. Catharines. Every St. Catharines resident has a story worth telling about our community, no matter how long they’ve lived here. Stories and memories of life in St. Catharines matter, and it is the mission of the STC StoryLab project to collect, preserve, share, and interpret a diverse range of oral history to build a more robust repertoire of local and personal stories that give our city collective identity.

Your story is a thread that, together with others, weaves the fabric of our community.

Why Do We Want Your Story?

The purpose of STC StoryLab is to build a repertoire of life in St. Catharines at particular moments in time through lived memory and storytelling. We’re hoping to collect stories and lived experiences of community members of all walks of life, whether they’re new to St. Catharines, or life-long residents.

Stories and memories preserved in the Museum’s collection have, in the past, been reserved for the ‘most important’ in the community. StoryLab will help to fill in the gaps with stories and memories, along with artifacts and other media, to help present a more inclusive and varied narrative for our city and for future generations.

Watch below to listen to one storyteller share her recollections of downtown St. Paul Street in the 1960s with the StoryLab team. Head to our Youtube page - St. Catharines Museum - to hear more stories that others have shared with the project.

Participate in the Project

Interested in participating? We've created an Information Booklet to provide more details about STC StoryLab, what to expect from the project, and how to prepare for an oral history interview. 

This welcome package includes the following:

  • Oral History Consent Form.
  • Information on the use of your information and privacy protection.
  • Photographic prompts to help you get in the right frame of mind for your interview.
  • A reflection activity that will give you a sense of the goals and direction of our conversation with you.

Check it out and connect with us to participate in the project. The STC StoryLab team looks forward to capturing your story!

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