Pay for parking by smart phone with the Honk app

Pay for parking by smart phone

Downtown visitors can dig into their pockets for smart phones instead of loose change to pay for parking at the some City's metered parking spots and lots in Downtown St. Catharines.

Download the Honk app

Use the Honk app for smart phones and mobile devices to search, pay for and top up parking. Honk also send notifications to users when parking is about to expire and allows them to buy more time from their devices.

City parking lots

  • City Hall parking lot
  • Market Square parking lot

City on-street parking spots

  • Church Street - between James and William streets
  • James Street - between Church and King streets
  • James Street - between King and St. Paul streets
  • Market Street
  • St. Paul Street (between Ontario and Carlisle streets)
  • William Street (between St. Paul and Church streets)
  • Other on-street metered areas within this vicinity.

The Honk app can be downloaded for free on both iOS and Android at or via the App Store or Google Play. Using a single account, motorists can pay for parking anywhere Honk is accepted across North America using VISA, MasterCard, American Express or PayPal.

Honk app users in St. Catharines are permitted to park for up to three hours in the parking lots surrounding City Hall and Market Square. Metered parking spots are intended for short-term visits and have three-hour limits. Honk users will also pay a 35 cent fee per transaction along with normal parking rates.

One hour of parking will cost $1.85 using the parking app. Three hours of parking will cost $4.85. Downtown visitors can still pay for parking at meters the traditional way.

Frequently asked questions

How does parking enforcement know I've paid by smart phone?

The system provides City parking enforcement officers with a real-time list of license plates who've paid using app. You don't need a ticket stub or receipt to place on the dashboard.

Honk works with the City to ensure parking enforcement officers have the most up-to-date information about the vehicles parked in City lots and spots. But mistakes can happen. If you receive a ticket you think is in error email at If your receipt shows you were compliant at the time of the infraction, Honk will have the ticket cancelled right away.

You can also appeal parking tickets by requesting a meeting with the City's screening officer.

Do I need a credit card to sign up?

A payment method isn't required to download the app or to sign up for a Honk account. However, you'll need a valid VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Visa Debit, Masterpass or PayPal account to pay for your parking session. You can add as many payment methods as you'd like.

How long can I park for?

You can park for up to three hours in the City's metered parking lots, including the City Hall and Market Square parking lots, and metered on-street spots in Downtown St. Catharines.

If you need more time downtown, long-term parking is available in the City's parking garages. However, paying by smart phone is currently unavailable for City parking garages.

Can I be reminded that my parking is expiring?

Yes. The Honk app will send you a text message 15 minutes before your parking is about to expire. If you're running late or need more time, you can easily extend your session right from your phone.

How can I find out if my parking was processed?

Once you've paid for parking, the Honk app will email you a receipt. You can also view all your transactions by visiting the Receipts page in your profile.

What if I pay for parking for the wrong license plate?

Mistakes happen. Please make another purchase (right away so you don't get a parking ticket) with the correct license plate and email BOTH invoices to:

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