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Economic Development
& Tourism Services

City of St. Catharines
PO Box 3012, 50 Church St.
St. Catharines, ON L2R 7C2

Tel: 905.688.5601 x1768

Fax: 905.688.8994

TTY: 905.688.4TTY (4889)


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Economic Development Strategy - take our SURVEY here!

A new economic development strategy for the City of St. Catharines

The St. Catharines Economic Development and Tourism Department is developing a new economic development strategy in consultation with the local business community and community stakeholders.

In 2015, St. Catharines City Council developed a Strategic Plan for the City that would be a forward thinking document that would shape the next 10 years of prosperity and progress.  Key pillars within the strategic plan achieve several long term desired outcomes for the local economy and its citizens. A key driver for this goal is the need for an updated economic development strategy that will ensure the municipality remains sustainable, diverse, prosperous and innovative over the long term.

What will the strategy include?

The City has retained Global Investment Attraction Group (GIAG) to help identify goals, objectives and key priorities for the City and its partners in continuing to support a strong local economy. The strategy will provide a vision for the local economy, identify core business sectors and opportunities for partnerships and collaboration for economic growth.  The revised strategy will reflect both the current state and future direction of the City's economic development efforts based upon a comprehensive review of existing corporate policies and plans in concert with a current competitive analysis and community consultation process.

How to get involved?

Community input is always a valuable part of this process and we hope that you will endeavor to take a few moments of your time to take the survey below, so that your ideas and comments can be taken into consideration by the consultancy group throughout the process.

Take our survey.

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