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Mental Well Being

Group MeditationMental Wellness is the ability to constantly challenge your mind and engage in meaningful activities that keep your mind clear and healthy in order to keep a positive flow of energy. Keeping a healthy mind allows us maintain healthy thoughts, actions, and intentions when confronted with stressful situations or the common stressors of daily life.




 Wellness Resources



  • Help guide: Find some stress management tips here 
  • Deep Breathing Exercises - Try these exercises, search for others on YouTube, or you can come into counselling for some other ideas.
  • Progressive Muscular Relaxation - This video shows an example of a muscle relaxation technique, which is a process of systematically tightening and relaxing muscle groups in your body. Move from the toes to the head and back down again, while monitoring and regulating breathing.
  • Imagery - Imagine places or times in your life that have been soothing and relaxing, and take time out to just imagine yourself in that place.
  • Be Safe - (free, android and iphone) - create a safety plan for yourself that you can access quickly in times of need. 
  • Mind shift - (free, android and iphone) - help cope with anxiety by learning how to relax, develop more helpful ways of thinking, and identify steps to help take charge of your anxiety. 
  • Pacifica -      (free, android and iphone) - tool to help track mood, goals, health, CBT exercises, thought patterns, and relaxation exercises.
  • Head space - (free, android and iphone) - for mindfulness meditation. 
  • Healthy Minds - (free, android and iphone) - track and support your mental health, learn individualized strategies and patterns of your moods and solutions, stress busters and relaxation. 
  • Spirit Junkie - start your day right with a daily affirmation.

  • TruthBomb - one idea at the right time could change you day.

Motivational Videos and Ted Talks



Resources listed on this page are managed and operated by third party websites, not the City of St. Catharines. The resources are meant as guidelines, hints and options for your health and well being, they are not mandatory. The City is not responsible for the accuracy or functionality of any of the resources and links contained on this page.

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