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Health and WellnessWellness STC Logo

The City's Recreation Master Plan has a goal: to be the city where everybody can play.

Health and wellness contribute significantly to achieving this goal. A healthy lifestyle benefits you and those around you. It allows you to get more out of each day and make a greater contribution and connection to those around you.

Health and wellness is about being kind to your mind and body so everyone, regardless of their age and background, can continue to learn, play and grow.

Wellness STC is comprised of City staff committed to promoting and developing these ideas.

  • We follow three guiding principles; physical wellness, mental wellness and financial wellness.
  • We aim to educate and promote wellness initiatives and opportunities. 
  • We aim to provide strategies to cope with the stress of everyday life, break free from bad habits and make peace with ourselves by learning to be mindful every day. 
  • We look at wellness as a holistic approach and believe in being leaders in the health and safety of our community.
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