Parks-and-Rec-LogoRecreation Facility and Programming Master Plan

St. Catharines has created a new Recreation Facility and Programming Master Plan to guide the development of facilities and programming into 2025. The Master Plan will provide direction on recreation facility needs, effective ways to deliver services and more.


The City Where Everybody Can Play

Guiding Principles

Ten guiding principles were developed to direct the recommendations of the Master Plan:

  1. Building a healthy community
  2. Making recreation accessible for all
  3. Investing in opportunities for youth
  4. Enhancing opportunities for older adults
  5. Embracing the natural environment
  6. Providing the necessary infrastructure
  7. Supporting our volunteers
  8. Encouraging positive partnerships and alliances
  9. Efficient and effective service delivery
  10. Sustainable investments in recreation infrastructure

Read the Master Plan

Download the Recreation Facility and Programming Master Plan (12mb) or view different sections of the Master Plan:

Plan Implementation

Staff will use the Plan as a guide during the development of annual work plans and budget requests and to evaluate applicable proposed recreation initiatives.  The Recreation Facility and Programming Master Plan Implementation Committee of Council will be resourced to provide input on related matters. 

What is "Recreation"?

"Recreation is the experience that results from freely chosen participation in physical, social, intellectual, creative and spiritual pursuits that enhance individual and community wellbeing." - The National Framework for Recreation

Based on this definition recreation is much more than sports and buildings. Broadly speaking, recreation includes all of the following:

  • Parks and green space

  • Pools and splash pads

  • Lessons and programs

  • Leisure activities

  • Outdoor art

  • Cultural services

  • Community centres

  • Older adult centres

  • Arenas

  • Playgrounds

  • Trails

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