Private Swimming Lessons

Currently at this time Private Swimming Lessons are not being offered.

In these classes, participants 3 years and over benefit from special attention and plenty of practice. Private lessons are restricted to the Red Cross Levels of Sea Otter to Whale, Swim Kids 1-10, Swim Teens and Swim Adults.

Semi-Private Swimming Lessons

Do you have two participants who would benefit from personal instructions? The answer is semi-private lessons: one instructor-two participants. Expand any available private lesson to a two person class. Simply select the time of the private swim lesson and request it to be converted to semi-private lessons. You bring/arrange the two participants. If you are using the ePlay on-line system, register one of the two participants in the class to lock-in your time slot. Then contact a customer service centre to adjust the class size, register the second participant, and make your final payment.

It is recommended that semi-private lesson participants are within one swim level up or down from one another.

Instructor Requests

Staff  review all requests for specific instructors or specific gender of instructor and take all requests into consideration; however, the City of St. Catharines is unable to guarantee that any specific request will be granted. Please contact a customer service representative to make a request or email online with ActiveSTC.

 To view course times and availability or to register, please go to ActiveSTC


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