Port Dalhousie Harbour Walkway Waterfront Trail


The official entry point to the Harbour Walkway can be found near Main Street, where Dalhousie and Lock streets join. Here, a stairway leads down to Lakeside Park. From the more popular entrance point at Lakeside Park, or from the downtown core of Port Dalhousie, the walkway can be accessed by heading toward the beach or harbour.

The walkway, from the stairway to the end of the trail at the East Pier, is approximately two kilometres.

Update on the Port Dalhousie Piers

  • Both piers are still closed at this time.
  • Fisheries and Oceans Canada awarded the contract to repair the Port Dalhousie Piers to Bronte Construction, and work began in December 2018. The project is expected to be completed by March 2021.
  • The piers were closed in April 2015 by Fisheries and Oceans Canada after an analysis of the piers determined there was substantial damage to both piers' substructure.
  • City staff will continue to work with Fisheries and Oceans Canada on plans for the funding, repairs and
    re-opening of the piers as safely and quickly as possible.
  • Updates on the piers will be shared as information becomes available.

Learn more about the Port Dalhousie Piers

Visit www.portpiers.com for more information on the Piers, including maps, resources and a timeline of the Piers


Ample parking is located on the west side of the harbour beside Lakeside Park and can be accessed from Lakeport Road. The beach at Lakeside Park is now a favourite summer fun spot for residents and visitors alike. During the warm months, a snack bar and restroom facilities are open to the public.

The walkway continues along the harbour, the former entrance point to the First, Second and Third Welland Canals, and winds its way toward the downtown core of Port Dalhousie. The pedestrian bridge between Lockhart Point and the Heywood Generating Station offers passage to the east side of the harbour. The Harbour Walkway continues on the east side of the harbour, winding past the Game and Fish Association and Dalhousie Yacht Club to the East Pier and on to the Port Dalhousie Pier Marina. At the end of the walkway, the inner range lighthouse offers a view of the lake in a unique setting.

Hours of Operation

This trail is accessible from dawn to dusk.


Recreational and leisure activity


Lakeside Park
Port Dalhousie Pier Marina
Heywood Generating Station
Welland Canal
Dalhousie Yacht Club

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