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Canal Valley


166 Westchester Cres.
Between Glendale Avenue, Westchester Crescent, 406 Highway, and Twelve Mile Creek


The Canal Valley is a naturally occurring valley that travels through the central core of the city. Dick's Creek was originally located at the base of the valley. This creek and the surrounding lands are historically significant to St. Catharines for it is here, that the First and Second Welland Canals were built. Remnants of the canals can still be found in the valley, with a variety of interesting remnants of the canal and structures (locks) visible. 

The stone walls found beneath Westchester Crescent and towards the south, are the walls of the locks from the second canal. Many of the older buildings to the north of Westchester Crescent have been in existence since the late 1800's, and are examples of the industrial buildings that were located adjacent to the canal to take advantage of the water power and boat traffic to transport their supplies and products.

Many passive areas can be found within the valley. The Merritt Trail, (built to commemorate the industrial heritage and route of the First, Second and Third Welland Canals) is within the Canal Valley. This Valley is located in the Merritton Ward. This park is 18.8 hectares.

Hours of Operation

This park is accessible from dawn to dusk
This park is available for permit 6 a.m. to 11 p.m.
Please note: Parks are not available for permit on statutory holidays


Recreational Activity


Passive area
Bicycle and Walking trail
Merritt trail
First and Second Welland Canals

Policies & Procedures

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Diagrams & Images

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