S’no Parking restrictions in effect starting Tuesday morning

Posted on Monday February 15, 2021

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UPDATE: The significant weather event and S'No Parking restrictions were ended at 2 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 18


With heavy snowfall in the forecast and the City preparing to deploy its full complement of trucks for snow removal, S’no Parking restrictions will be in effect starting early Tuesday morning.

The restrictions — which prohibit on-street parking in most neighbourhoods during winter storm events — will come into effect at 4 a.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 16. Residents who fail to remove their cars from on-street spaces face a $30 fine and tow.  Local weather and road conditions will determine how long S’No Parking will be in effect, with restrictions in place up to 72 hours.

The restrictions come as the City declares a Significant Weather event in response to Environment Canada forecasts predicting 20 to 35 centimetres of snow starting Monday afternoon into Tuesday morning. Heavy snowfall and other adverse weather impacts will make travel extremely hazardous and residents are recommended to avoid all non-essential travel during the storm.

When cars remain parked on roads during winter snow events it poses several issues. Notably maneuvering through tight spaces caused by parked cars significantly extends the length of time it takes to complete an initial plow of the roadway. Additionally, plows must often revisit roads to clean up ridges and accumulation of snow left by cars as they leave the street after a first plow. Delays to snow removal from streets not only pose safety risks to drivers, but also impede the ability of police, fire services and ambulances to respond to emergencies.

Some city neighbourhoods, where on-street parking is critical to meet base parking needs, are exempt from S’no Parking restrictions. For more information of exempt neighbourhoods, and on winter weather parking restrictions, visit stcatharines.ca/SnoParking.

Free overnight parking is available at both the Ontario Street and Carlisle Street / Garden Park parking garages. Visit www.stcatharines.ca/parking for more information about parking.

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