Significant transit investment on the way to St. Catharines and Niagara

Posted on Thursday June 25, 2020

Millions of dollars will pour into the City’s transit infrastructure in the years ahead, flowing from Federal, Provincial and municipal streams.

On Thursday morning, politicians from across Niagara gathered virtually to announce investments totalling more than $78 million dollars into 31 public transit projects across the region. Eleven of those projects, representing an investment of more than $41.2 million, will be directed to transit in St. Catharines.

More than $16.5 million Federal; $13.7 million Provincial; and $10.9 million municipal investments will be made in St. Catharines alone.

Funded public transportation infrastructure projects include:

  • Downtown transit terminal renovations
  • Fleet expansions
  • Expansion of the current operations facility, with area provided for future Regional Transit headquarters
  • Bus stop and shelter improvements
  • New contactless farebox technology
  • Rehabilitation of hybrid buses
  • Replacement of 11 conventional buses
  • Replacement of paratransit vehicles
  • Technology upgrades including new radios and video surveillance systems

“This funding is certainly welcome,” said St. Catharines Transit Commission General Manager Graham Morrison. “Significant investments like this into infrastructure ensure we can continue to get people where they need to go, when they need to get there, not only within St. Catharines, but across Niagara as we move to tie transit together at a Regional level.”

The various projects announced across Niagara reflect a regional approach to public transit, bringing Niagara one step closer to truly functional region-wide transit allowing individuals fast and reliable transit be it for work, study or play. Transit investments will be critical as the City aims to meet targets for reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and ensure its population has the tools they require to thrive.

The ability of transit riders to easily and efficiently visit destinations across the region will become increasingly important as Niagara prepares to tie into the GO Transit system. With GO Train service set to deliver visitors from across the Greater Toronto Area in the years to come, local transit will be essential to transport those visitors to destinations across Niagara.

“Reliable, integrated transit is a priority for St. Catharines City Council and will provide a system that supports economic and social growth. It moves people quickly and efficiently – in the City, region, and beyond – in an safe, environmentally responsible way,” said Mayor Walter Sendzik. “We’ve seen how regional transit has benefitted other communities, and we require investments like this as we move to regionally integrate our transit systems.”

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