Council approves update to City’s strategic plan

Posted on Thursday October 10, 2019

St. Catharines Council has approved a blueprint that defines the priorities the City will deliver for the next decade.

On Oct. 7, councillors approved a 10-year update to the St. Catharines strategic plan, a document originally developed in 2015 to identify critical priorities and goals based under four pillars of sustainability – economic, social, environmental, and cultural. This is the second update to the strategic plan, which is intended to guide Council for its term and beyond to 2028 with decision making, budgets and work plans.

“A strategic plan is a living document that should evolve to support the changing needs of the City,” said CAO Shelley Chemnitz. “The work we’ve done over the last six months reflects the evolving priorities identified by City Council and staff, and reflect the City’s vision as we move forward.”

The vision statement remains consistent with the 2015 strategic plan: “Our vision for the future is for St. Catharines to be the most dynamic, innovative, sustainable and livable city in North America”.

“We have made great strides towards our vision to becoming one of the most dynamic, innovative, sustainable and livable cities in North America and this renewed strategic plan will help us continue on a sustainable path to achieving these goals for the residents, businesses and taxpayers of St. Catharines,” said Mayor Walter Sendzik.

The updated strategic plan provides a renewed focus on the four pillars of sustainability, with the addition of a strategic goal for each pillar and guiding principles. The revised plan also identifies 11 objectives that were identified in consultation with staff and Council through workshops and planning sessions held throughout the year.

The key strategic goals are identified as the following:

  • Economic: Support the City’s commitment to building and growing a diverse and resilient economy through fiscal responsibility, urban regeneration and collaborative partnerships.
  • Social: Build and support strong, inclusive neighbourhoods that provide high quality of life for residents of all ages.
  • Environmental: Adopt innovative approaches and continue responsible community planning and decision-making that balances growth, enhances quality of life, manages emergencies, and minimizes the environmental impacts of climate change.
  • Cultural: Celebrate the City’s rich history, diversity, arts and cultural assets through leadership, promotion and investments that support measurable, sustainable creative growth.

“I’m proud of our work so far as a Council to renew our focus and vision. Together with our team of professional staff, we will continue to be leaders and make progress on our strategic goals while balancing social, economic, cultural and environmental sustainability for the future of our city,” said Sendzik.

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