Severe Winter Weather

Cancellations / Closures / Service Interruptions

There are no closures or cancellations at this time.

Watch for updates

Please stay tuned to the following outlets for official information from the City of St. Catharines:

  • This webpage and the City's homepage
  • The City's Facebook page -
  • The City's Twitter page - follow the Twitter handle @St_Catharines
  • Pingstreet - the City's mobile app. Pingstreet is free and available for download for iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone
  • The City will also notify local media

Household Emergency Kit

Keep enough supplies stocked in your home to allow you and your family to survive for at least three days (72 hours). Learn more about emergency preparedness and always be prepared.

Report any fallen tree limbs, slippery or dangerous conditions to 905.688.5600. You can report power outages to Alectra Utilities at 905.684.8111. Watch for updates on outages on the Alectra website.

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