Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

An electric vehicle charging station is available at City Hall

The City of St. Catharines is partnering with Alectra Utilities to boost access to electric vehicle (EV) charging stations downtown for EV drivers.

A dual-head electric vehicle charging station is available for public use at City Hall in the area of the James Street parking lot entrance. Two electric vehicles can plug into the EV charging station at a time.

The EV charging station is part of the FLO network, Canada’s largest electric vehicle charging network. Create a FLO account online or download the FLO app on your mobile device to use the EV charging station at City Hall.

Recharge for free

Plug in to the EV charging station for a free charge from now until October 2019. Regular parking rates will still apply.

Environmental Sustainability

Adding an EV charging station downtown is part of the City's commitment to environmental sustainability and to lead in the protection of our environment for generations to come by supporting those in our community who are choosing these environmentally-friendly vehicles as a viable alternative to traditional vehicles.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an electric vehicle charging station?

Electric vehicles are powered by an electric engine. When the battery in an electric vehicle becomes exhausted, it needs to be recharged. Electric vehicles can plug into EV charging stations to recharge while away from home.

Who can use the EV charging station at City Hall?

Everyone with an electric vehicle that can plug in can use the EV charging station. The EV charging station at City Hall is available for public use.

Do I have to pay to use the EV charging station?

Plugging in is free. We are offering users a free charge until October 2019.

Do I have to pay for parking?

Yes. Regular parking rates and limits apply. Pay for parking at the ticket machine or use the Honk Mobile app.

Can I park my regular vehicle in an EV charging station spot?

Vehicles parked in the EV charging station spots must have display a GREEN licence plate.
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