Earth Day 2021 - Clean Up, Green Up STC

Earth Day is back for another year, reminding us we only have one planet to call home. While we can't come together, roll up our sleeves, and clean up the community as we normally would, there is still the opportunity to clean up, and green up our City as we remain apart.

So this week get out for some exercise, and don't forget to bring a garbage bag and gloves to help pick up trash and remove litter from our streets, paths and natural spaces. 

Can't get out to pick up trash? Why not use recycled materials at home, or create one of the eco-friendly crafts laid out in the videos on this page.

Don't forget to share your Earth Day cleanup, craft or eco action with the City on social media using the hashtag #OurGreenSTC.

Remember to stay safe by:

  • Only going out and cleaning up with members of your household
  • Outdoor gatherings with non-household members remain prohibited
  • Maintaining physical distance of at least two metres
  • Wearing gloves when picking up litter
  • Wash hands before and after picking up garbage
  • DO NOT pickup discarded needles, broken glass or other sharp materials

Trees and Rain Barrels

 Every year the City hosts a Rain Barrel Sale and Tree Giveaway, providing residents the opportunity to gather rainwater from their garden, divert water from storm sewers, and help replenish the city's urban canopy.

Join Environmental Technician Mackenzie Kretz as she explains how to properly install a rain barrel in the video below, or follow the links to learn more about planting and watering a tree from Horticultural Technician Ilyse Norton.

More videos:

Earth Day Crafts

Get eco active at home with some fun Earth Day crafts. Follow along with Mackenzie as she offers instructions on kitchen scrap gardens, pine-cone bird feeders, and bee hotels.

Learn More

Join Horticultural Technician Ilyse Norton in the video below to learn more about the City's commitment to a renewed urban canopy and the importance of trees in our City.

Learn more about the actions the City of St. Catharines is taking to mitigate and adapt to climate change, from curbing emissions to tips for residents.

Visit our Climate Change page

Did you know St. Catharines is a Bee City, committed to protecting native pollinator species? Learn more about St. Catharines Bee City.

The home garden is a great space to provide habitat for animals and plants, including pollinators. Learn more on our Gardening Page.

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