Boulevard Trees

Help us green our streets

The City of St. Catharines plants trees to help improve air quality and add economic value, beauty and shade to a neighbourhood. Trees are planted on public boulevards, road allowances fronting residences and in circles where trees do not currently exist.

Help Us Green Our Streets

Help the City of St. Catharines grow its tree canopy and beautify our community!

Request a free tree through our Street Tree Planting Program, or share your suggestions of a street or boulevard that could benefit from some greening.

Help us fill our empty boulevards in St. Catharines!

Have questions? Read our FAQ and learn more or contact Citizens First by phone at 905.688.5600 or email

Requesting a New Tree

Any resident, business or land owner can request that the City plant a tree on the City-owned road allowance or boulevard in front of their property. To request a new tree follow these steps:

  1. View the list of trees approved for boulevard planting and select the type of tree that you would like to be planted. Property owners should select different types of trees than their neighbours to assist in creating a diverse and healthy urban forest. Having a variety of species helps protect trees from pests and diseases that spread through an area and target specific tree types.
  2. Call 905.688.5600 and request a tree. Be ready with your name, address, preferred tree type, and contact information.
  3. The City or its contractor will plant the tree for you. The City has a spring planting season which begins in April (weather dependent) and a fall planting season which begins in October (weather dependent). The deadline to request a new tree is April 1 for the spring planting season and August 30 for the fall planting season. In some situations you will need to wait until the next planting season for the new tree.
  4. Care for your new tree:
    • Keep lawn mowers and string trimmers away from the trunk to avoid damaging the bark; 
    • Water, but do not overwater your tree. Provide a deep watering twice a week during dry periods;
    • Please leave the wood chips in place. Wood chips protect the tree from damage and reduce water loss by allowing water and nutrients to penetrate the soil more easily;
    • Do not pile soil or grass clippings over the mulch;
    • If additional mulch is needed, do not mound the mulch towards the trunk like a pyramid 

Other Considerations

  • Unfortunately in certain locations the City may not be able to plant a tree due to space constraints, underground services and/or overhead utility lines. Staff will advise if this is the case.
  • Planting smaller trees in areas with overhead utility lines minimizes future costs associated with tree maintenance and health, and creates a healthier urban forest.
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