Alternative payments

Alternative Payment Methods

In a continued effort to exercise an abundance of caution in limiting the spread of COVID-19 and protect public health the City of St. Catharines has closed all of its facilities to the public, effective March 16 at 4:30 p.m.

While the City recognizes the inconvenience this may cause there are several payment options available to residents to ensure their business with the City continues despite the impact of the virus.

 Online Banking

 Water and tax payments can be made via online banking through a resident's financial provider by:

  • Setting the City of St. Catharines as a payee through their online banking app or portal
  • Using their role number or five-digit water account number as the account number for payments
  • Note: Depending on the financial institution residents may need to use the full 19-digit roll number. If it advised the entry is invalid, drop the “2629” from the beginning of the roll number, using only 15 digits.  Enter the roll number without spaces and decimals.

 City Hall Drop Box

All payments can be made via cheque at the City Hall drop box, located by the James Street entrance to the building. Do not deposit cash via the drop box.

 By Mail

Cheques can be mailed to the City via:

City of St. Catharines,

Citizens First, CSS Department,

PO BOX 3012 Stn Main,

St. Catharines ON 

L2R 7C2

Financial measures to support residents, businesses

During a special meeting on Friday, March 27, Council approved a series of measures aimed at supporting residents and businesses with the costs of municipal taxes and services. The approved measures, which include some previously announced, are as follows:

  • Deferring the April 30 interim tax instalment to June 30
  • Waiving tax penalty and interest charges until June 30
  • Waiving water and wastewater penalty and interest charges until June 30
  • Waiving accounts receivable penalty and interest charges until June 30
  • Waiving charges for any cheques or pre-authorized payments returned for non-sufficient funds or payments stopped by the payer
  • Amending the 2020 final tax levy instalment dates to July 31 and October 30
  • Deferring the 2020 water and wastewater increase from April 1 to July 1
  • Limiting parking enforcement to safety-related issues (including but not limited to fire routes, accessible parking, no-parking areas and fire hydrants) until June 30.
  • Waiving payment for on-street parking, municipal parking lots and garages
  • Suspending any water service disconnections for non-payment of water and wastewater billings until June 30
  • Waiving late fees for 2020 dog licences
  • Waiving late fees for 2020 general business licences

Pre-authorized payments for tax instalments have been deferred until June 30 but monthly pre-authorized payments will continue unless suspended in writing by the payer. The City will continue to process pre-authorized payments for water, unless suspended in writing by the payer.

Taxpayers can use the City’s online e-bill portal to access water and tax information. A link to the portal, and information on how to register, is available at


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