Sidewalks, Streets, Curbs and Boulevards

The City of St. Catharines, through the Operations Division of the Transportation and Environmental Services Department, monitors, maintains, repairs and replaces the city's street system. This includes:

  • Street cleaning.
  • Snow removal.
  • Pothole patching.
  • Sheet topping of asphalt roads.
  • Cleaning and re-grading of ditches.
  • Installation of new culverts, concrete sidewalks and curbs.


In 2002 the City initiated a Minimum Maintenance Standards Inspection Program to patrol all City-owned streets and identify areas in need of repair. This program allows us to maintain our streets at levels that meet, or in many cases, exceed the Ministry of Transportation's standards. 

Potholes are created due to temperature fluctuations. Water seeps into cracks in the surface of the road, when the temperature drops the water freezes and expands making the cracks larger. When cars drive over the weakened area of the asphalt potholes will begin to open.

During the winter months potholes are filled with cold mix asphalt until spring when proper repairs can be completed.

There are a number of roads in the city that are maintained by Niagara Region. To report a pothole please refer to our map to determine if the road is maintained by:

  • Niagara Region call 905.980.6000
  • City of St. Catharines call 905.688.5600


The City has a sidewalk inspection and spot repair program for the maintenance of the approximately 500 kilometers of city-owned sidewalk.

If a sidewalk is found to be broken or raised a temporary patch will be put in place or grinding of the sidewalk will be carried out as quickly as possible. If required, the sidewalk slab(s) will be noted for replacement at a later date as part of the annual sidewalk repair program.

If you find a damaged sidewalk please call us at 905.688.5600 so City staff can examine and assess the damage.


The City is responsible for roadside curbs. If you find a curb that is damaged or require a curb fill please call us at 905.688.5600. City staff will examine the curb and assess the damage. A temporary patch will be put in place as quickly as possible and the curb section will be noted for permanent repair at a later date as part of the annual curb repair program.

Driveway / Access Modification 

(Curb Cuts, Curb Fills, Culvert Extensions and Removals)

The City provides curb cutting, curb filling, culvert extension and culvert removal services to residents wishing to make alterations to their existing driveways or to those residents wishing to add a new driveway access to their existing home. 

Before making any alterations or additions, residents must complete and submit an application for Driveway / Access Modification. Locate the appropriate application form below, carefully read through the Zoning and General Information Sections, fill in the required fields and click on the "submit" button.

NOTE: These applications do not apply to driveways for new home / building construction. Residents should contact the Planning and Building Services (PBS) department for information relating to driveways for new home / building construction.

Application A - Existing Driveway / Access Modification Application:

If you have an existing home with an existing driveway that you would like to Modify, fill out the Existing Driveway / Access Modification Application form online.

Application B - New Driveway / Access Application:

If you have an existing home and you would like to add in a new driveway, fill out the New Driveway / Access Application online.

All approved applicants are required to pay an application fee. In addition to the application fee, fees for curb cutting, curb filling, culvert extensions and culvert removal also apply. Below is a summary of the most common fees (2021) associated with these applications:

  • Application A or B  - $124.00
  • Curb Cut - $29.05 per metre of curb cut. The minimum charge for curb cuts is 1.0 linear metre
  • Culvert Installation $330.65. There is a minimum charge of two (2) linear metres to all installations. Culvert fees are subject to change based on the size and type of culvert required for a particular location.

All required fees must be paid prior to the scheduling and completion of the work.

The scheduling and coordination of curb cutting and culvert installation work is handled by the City's Municipal Works department.

Applicants can contact the CitizensFirst department via email at or phone at 905-688-5600 if they have any questions about the application process.

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