Sidewalk Snow Removal

Plow on sidewalk

Private property owners are responsible for clearing the full width of sidewalks in front of, beside of and/or at the rear of their property to bare concrete within 24 hours after a snow or ice event. The City has the same responsibility for sidewalks that front City owned properties.

Snow and ice not removed within 24 hours is subject to be removed by the City at the property owner's expense. 

Property owners will be fined $10.75 for every metre of sidewalk that is cleared. For example, if the City clears two metres of sidewalk, the property owner will be charged $21.50.

More information is available in the City's Sidewalk Snow Removal By-Law

To report a sidewalk that hasn't been shovelled, call Citizen's First at 905.688.5600.

Snow removal service for seniors and persons with physical disabilities

The City offers snow removal service for qualified seniors and individuals with physical disabilities to assist with the removal of snow/ice from City sidewalks. Simply complete our application form to enroll in the program. The service consists of snow removal from city sidewalks fronting and abutting the homes occupied by qualified seniors. It is not for the removal of snow from snow plow windrows, driveways or any walkway to a home.

Submit your application for the 2020-2021 winter by Nov. 30, 2020. 

Snow removal tips

Follow these tips to make sidewalk snow removal easier.

  1. Shovel as soon as possible after a snow fall. Once snow becomes packed down by foot traffic it will be more difficult to remove.
  2. Spread salt onto the sidewalk to prevent snow from adhering to the concrete. If it is already packed down this will help loosen snow/ice from the sidewalk. 
  3. In low temperatures (below -12°C) salt does not work as effectively. Spread sand rather than salt to allow for traction until the temperature rises enough for salt to be used.

What is a clean sidewalk?

Acceptable - Sidewalks have been cleared to bare pavement 

 Acceptable Sidewalk Photo  Acceptable Sidewalk Photo  Acceptable Sidewalk Photo

A friendly winter reminder from the Mayor's Advisory Committee on Accessibility (MACOA)

Winter can be a difficult time for persons with disabilities to get around the community. In particular, people who use mobility devices along the sidewalks, accessible parking spaces and connecting pathways when snow and ice are on the ground.

Your attention to the clearing of snow and ice, and in keeping these areas safe and accessible is greatly appreciated.

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