Sign Permits


Sign permits ensure that sign structures within the City meet the standards set out in the Ontario Building Code, the zoning by-laws and sign by-laws for the City of St. Catharines and other applicable legislation.

Typical signs that require permits include:

  • billboard signs
  • ground signs
  • pole signs
  • portable signs
  • roof signs
  • signs on utility poles
  • wall signs

Should you require any assistance, please contact the Planning and Building Services Department. 


Two sets of complete construction drawings, drawn to scale, must accompany all applications for permits.

When a permit has been issued, City building inspectors conduct inspections for the levels of construction outlined on the issued permit. However, for complex projects (and some minor projects) a schedule of inspections may be required to be arranged with the local inspector.

Inspections, depending on the construction being done, may include the following stages: footings prior to backfill, foundations or any other inspection listed on the building permit.

It is the responsibility of the owner, or his or her agent, to call for inspections during certain stages of project construction.

Please contact the Planning and Building Services Department at least 48 hours in advance to schedule the date for the inspector to visit your project.


 Sign permit fees (2021) are as follows:

  • Each (except Portable) - Ground, Projecting, Roof and Wall: $131.10
  • Pole: $258.95
  • Each Portable
    • For 30 consecutive days: $59.30
    • For 60 consecutive days: $118.60
    • For 90 consecutive days: $146.70
    • For 120 consecutive days: $175.75
  • Sign By-law Variance Application: $401.10
  • Temporary Wrap-Around Signs: $159.50
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