School Crossing Guards

The School Crossing Guard Program is a vital service to the community. Crossing guards have the authority, under the Highway Traffic Act, to require approaching vehicles to stop for a school crossing. The use of this authority must be displayed in a confident, decisive, understanding and fair manner. 

Important - New Road Rules in Effect

Drivers should take note that the following new rules under the Highway Traffic Act came into effect January 2016.

  • All motorists must stop and yield the whole roadway at pedestrian crossovers and school Crossings where there is a guard displaying a school crossing stop sign.
  • You MUST wait until the entire crosswalk is empty of both pedestrians and the School Crossing Guard.
  • Motorists can NO longer turn left, right or proceed through a crosswalk on the clear half of the roadway.

Crossing Guard Employment Opportunities

Applying to be a Crossing Guard with the City is easy.

  1. Download our Crossing Guard Application Form.
  2. Complete and return the form - in person - to the City's Human Resources office located at 360 Niagara St.

Crossing Guard Locations

School Crossing Guards are present for morning school entry and afternoon dismissal of elementary students. Crossing times for guards can vary depending on school bell times and the location of the actual crossing guard. The crossing guard program is operational at the following schools: 


Location of Guard


Lakeshore Road at Arthur Street; Niagara Street at Lakeshore Road and  Parnell Road (on island)

Beacon Christian

Scott Street at the school

 Burleigh Hill

Burleigh Hill at Glendale Avenue 

Canadian Martyrs

Bunting Road at Scott Street; Scott Street at the school


Bunting Road at Berkley Drive and Southwood Drive; Carlton Street at Carlton Park Drive; 


Vine Street  at the rear entrance of the school


Geneva Street at Lakeshore Road, Linwell Road, Parnell Road and half block north of Linwell Road; Lake Street at Lakeshore Road; Vine Street at Parnell Road

 E. I. McCulley

Bunting Road at Berkley Drive

 Edith Cavell

Pelham Road at the school; Pelham Road at Rykert Street; 


At the school and Dunvegan Road; Hartzel Road at Dunvegan Road


 Main Street at Henley Island


Grapeview Drive at First Street Louth; 

 Harriet Tubman

Lake Street at Louisa Street and Pleasant Avenue; Russell Avenue at George Street

 Immaculate Conception

Lake Street at Louisa Street; 

 Lincoln Centennial

Geneva Street at Scott Street; Scott Street at the school; Vine Street at Grantham Plaza; Vine Street at Scott Street


Bunting Road at the school; Bunting Road at Scott Street; 

Mother Theresa

 Grapeview at First Street Louth


Glendale Avenue at Glenridge and Marsdale Drive; Glenridge Avenue at Oakridge Avenue

Our Lady of Fatima

Vine Street at the school


Geneva Street at Linwell Road and half block north of Linwell Road; Linwell Road at Sherman Drive

 Pine Grove

Lake Street at Kimbermount Drive and Lakeshore Road

 Port Weller

Bunting Road at Parnell Road; Lakeshore Road at Niagara Street and Arthur Street; Niagara Street at Parnell Road

 Power Glen

 MacTurnbull Drive at Westland Street

 Prince of Wales

Facer Street at Grantham Avenue and Parkview Road 

 Prince Phillip

Lakeshore Road at Vine Street; Vine Street at Parnell Road

 St. Alfred's

Carlton Street at Salvatore Street; Facer Street at Parkview Road; Niagara Street at Chalmers Street; Vine Street at Hillpark Lane

 St. Ann

 Main Street at Henley Island

 St. Anthony's

 Rykert Street at Louth Street and Pelham Road

 St. Denis

Lake Street at Carlton Street and Pleasant Avenue; Russell Avenue at George Street

 St. James

Geneva Street at Lakeshore Road and Parnell Road;  Vine Street at Parnell Road

 St. Margeurite

Burleigh Hill at Glendale Avenue

 St. Nicholas

Lake St at Louisa

 St. Peter's

Glendale Avenue at Marsdale Drive

William Hamilton Merritt

Linwell Road at the school; 


Louth Street at Rykert Street; Pelham Road at Rykert Street


Burleigh Hill at St. David's Road; St. Davids Road at Monro Street

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