Road & Sidewalk Occupancy Permits


Road and sidewalk occupancy permits are required when an individual, company or contractor needs to occupy the road, sidewalk or boulevard for construction or other related work purposes.

The City's occupancy permits are only valid for road, sidewalk and boulevard sections that are under the jurisdiction of the City of St. Catharines. Separate permits must be obtained from other authorities where their property is impacted (i.e. The Region of Niagara).

Applicants must prepare and employ a Traffic / Pedestrian Protection and Control Plan in accordance to the Ontario Health and Safety Act and The Ontario Traffic Manual, Book 7, Temporary Conditions.

Applicants must provide a minimum of $5 million liability insurance with The Corporation of The City of St. Catharines named as additional insured.


Applicants must fill out the Road Occupancy Permit Application and email or fax the completed form to the attention of the Road Services Technician.  A sketch outlining the work area and all relevant dimensions must be included along with the Traffic / Pedestrian Protection and Control Plan.


For information about fees, contact the Road Services Technician by email or by telephone at 905-688-5601 extension 1639.
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