Road Closures and Travel Advisories

Information is posted under public notice and on Twitter during regular business hours.

Special Events

The City of St Catharines grants approximately 40 special event permits annually for a range of activities and events that may involve closure of a road or sidewalk. These events range from cycling events (Squeezer), running races (Run for the Grapes), parades (Niagara Wine Festival Grande Parade), and charity events (Rankin Cancer Run).

The following information is required to commence the application process:

  1. Contact name and address
  2. Phone / fax / e-mail
  3. Organization name
  4. Event date and time
  5. Expected number of participants
  6. Nature of the event
  7. Location of roads / sidewalks to be closed

Additional Requirements

  • The City must be named as an additional insured party on the organizer's insurance policy in the sum of $5 million.
  • The Regional Municipality of Niagara and Niagara Regional Police approval must be obtained where applicable.
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