Report A Burning Complaint

Note: all complaints to St. Catharines Fire Services are confidential. Information regarding your name phone number or address is to allow Fire Services to obtain additional information if necessary.

Should the fire be a hazard to persons or property dial 9-1-1. This will normally include fires being very close to a building, smoke obstructing visibility on a roadway or where the smoke is entering another building.

To report a fire in contravention of the Open Air Fire By-Law call St. Catharines Fire Services Dispatch at 905-684-4311. These incidents are treated as non-emergency and are responded to by on-duty fire suppression personnel. Higher priority incidents take precedent over these reports.

In cases where a fire is not occurring a complaint may be filed with the Fire Prevention Office at 905-688-5601 extension 4224. As no violation of the by-law is taking place this form of complaint will normally result in the issuance of public education information to the property owner.

The owner of a property where an open air fire has occurred is subject to a fee in accordance with the city's rates and fees for the extinguishing of the non-compliant fire and may be prosecuted for contravention of the by-law.

Should you require additional information regarding open air burning regulations contact the Fire Prevention Office at 905-688-5601 extension 4224.

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