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Tree planting and care tips

  1. Before planting a tree consider its full height and width when choosing its location. It will need space to grow.
  2. Dig a hole that is two to three times as wide as the rootball.
  3. Roughen the sides and bottom of the hole to allow the roots to spread in the soil.
  4. Backfill the hole using existing soil. Break up the soil when filling in the hole.
  5. Lightly step around the base of the tree to get rid of any air pockets in the soil.
  6. Water you new tree. Give it a good soaking right away and then once a week after planting. Water two to three times a week in drought conditions.
  7. Mulch the tree with layer of mulch two to four inches thick. Do not "volcano" the mulch - keep it away from touching the trunk of the tree.
  8. Take extra care when mowing grass and with lawn care equipment around the base of a newly planted tree. Damage caused by mowers and line trimmers can invite pests and diseases as well as permanently damage a young tree.

More resources

Tree Canada, the Province of Ontario's Tree Atlas and Ontario Trees and Shrubs provides more information about planting and caring for your tree.

Removal of Ash Trees from Private Property

It is recommended that you contact a private certified arborist to inspect a tree on private property that is showing signs of Emerald Ash Borer. The arborist will be able to confirm the presence of the Emerald Ash Borer and recommend treatment options.

The city encourages citizens to treat their Ash trees and limit the movement of firewood wherever possible to help contain the spread of Emerald Ash Borer. 

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