Pelham Road Flooding

In recent years residents in this area reported a number of basement floods as a result of a sewer backup.

Although the City does have the occasional backup reported in all areas of St. Catharines, several significant rain events over this area triggered an unusually high number of flooding incidents.

Finding the cause of this type of flooding is not easy because all of the infrastructure is underground. Additionally the cause of the problem could be several kilometres away from the homes experiencing the flooding.

In 2014 the City cleaned all the sanitary sewers in this area, camera'd areas that had potential problems and smoke tested the sewers to locate issues. Once some of these issues had been identified the City began fixing the City-side problems and worked with residents to address identified private-side problems.

More information regarding the work completed in 2014 can be found on the Progress Report Archive webpage.

The City of St. Catharines will continue to work to resolve the flooding issues and is committed to doing everything it can to locate and correct the possible causes. 


Action Plan

At its meeting on January 26, 2015, City Council received an action plan outlining steps the City would be taking moving forward.

The the full report to Council regarding the Investigation Into Flooding in South-West St. Catharines is available here.

A list of the actions approved to be undertaken in 2015 is available here.

Flood Alleviation Program


  • The City of St. Catharines Flood Alleviation Program (FLAP) provides grants of up to $3,500 to homeowners who have or are at risk of having a sanitary backup as a result of sewer surcharging. Homeowners who are interested in learning more about the FLAP program should contact the City.
  • More information on the program can be found on the Flood Alleviation Program webpage.


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