Parking Permits


2022 parking permits will be available starting Oct. 1 2021.

In downtown St. Catharines, monthly parking is available at City owned parking lots for a nominal fee. Due to the high demand for parking in the downtown core, all parking permits are issued on a first come, first serve basis. 

Purchase a monthly parking permit for a surface lot through the following methods

  • Credit card. Call Citizen First on 905.688.5600, Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Cheque. Please place in the mail slot at City Hall's James Street entrance.
  • In-person, by appointment, at City Hall

*For those unable to make payments through those methods, please contact our Citizens First team to make arrangements on 905.688.5600.

If you are looking to obtain a monthly parking permit for either the Ontario Street Garage or Garden Park/Carlisle Street Garage, read and complete the Monthly Parking Agreement Form prior to contacting City Hall. 

Surface lot parking permits
Permit typeCost per month (tax included)
Parking Lot Pass A $86.25
Parking Lot Pass B $72.55
Parking Lot Pass C $50.75
Parking Lot Pass D $86.25
Parking Lot Pass B, 24-hour permit $111.65
Parking garage permits
Garage / permit typeCost per month (tax included)
Ontario Street $101.50
Garden Park / Carlisle Street, above ground $101.50
Garden Park / Carlisle Street, underground $121.80
Garden Park / Carlisle Street, car pooling extra card $10.65
Garden Park / Carlisle Street, accessible parking permit $71.05
Parking garage 24-hour monthly permit $111.65


Commercial Parking Permits

Duration: Daily
Fee: $25 (includes HST)
Terms and conditions: Allows an individual or business owner to rent a meter space for the day in excess of the (3) hour maximum time limit. A "No Parking" Bag is provided to be placed on the meter by the applicant. The permit purchased matches the license plate of the vehicle allowed to park in the space.

Residential Parking Permit

Duration: One year (12 months) from date of purchase. Annual renewal required
Fee: $50 (includes HST)
Terms and conditions: Allows a resident on a street where "Maximum Time Limit" or "Residents Only" zones are posted, to park on street by displaying their permit. Proof of vehicle ownership and residency is required.

Accessible Meter Parking Permit

Duration:  Calendar month. Can purchase multiple months at one time.
Fee: $55 (includes HST)
Terms and conditions: Allows the holder of a valid MTO Accessible Parking Permit (APP) to park in close proximity to their workplace at any City owned meter or hourly lot for the day. Proof of valid APP and vehicle ownership is required. Both valid permits must be displayed.

Veteran's Parking Permits

Duration: Calendar year. Annual renewal required.
Fee:  Free
Terms and conditions:  Allows an eligible veteran who is a resident of St. Catharines to display their Veteran's Parking Permit, or a veteran who has an Official Veteran's licence plate (Poppy Plate), a maximum of three (3) hours at any City owned meter or hourly lot free of charge.

Getting a Poppy Plate: Veterans can exchange their current vehicle licence plates at their local, or nearest, Ministry of Transportation Vehicle Licensing Office to obtain a veterans' Poppy Plate at no charge.

St. Catharines veterans who meet the eligibility criteria but do not have a Poppy Plate are required to complete the Veterans' Parking Permit Application form and submit it to Parking Services. The form can be obtained in three ways:

MTO Accessible Parking Permits (APP)

Note: An APP permit can only be issued by MTO/Service Ontario and is observed by the City of St. Catharines
Fee: N/A
Terms and conditions:  Allows the holder to display their valid MTO Accessible Parking Permit (APP) to park for a maximum of three (3) hours at any City owned meter or hourly lot free of charge.

Note: Accessible Parking Permits must be obtained through Service Ontario.


Permits do not relieve the holder from observing the provisions of the Highway Traffic Act or Municipal by-laws.

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