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Liquor Licences

Types: Permanent Establishment; Temporary Extension of Liquor Licence for a permanent establishment and a Special Occasion Permit.

Permanent Establishments

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario, through its application process, grants approval for Liquor Licences.

The applicant will:

  • Make application to the AGCO for a Liquor Licence
  • Complete the Municipal Information Form obtained from  the AGCO application package
  • Deliver it to Citizens First, Legal and Clerks Services, second floor
  • Provide a detailed floor plan for the business
  • Complete a City of St. Catharines application form - provided upon submission
  • A Business License is required. The fee is $140
  • Attend Planning and Development Services to confirm/initiate the appropriate permits/approvals along with any associated fees
  • Contact Fire Services and Niagara Region Public Health to schedule inspections in accordance with AGCO requirements 
  • Be responsible for completing all other required AGCO documents and submitting them directly to AGCO

For New Outdoor Patios

A Site Plan application and approval is required. Contact Planning and Development Services for more information. A Liquor Licence brochure is provided for your convenience and available in Planning and Development Services.

Planning and Development Services will:

  • Coordinate municipal approvals confirming the establishment meets Fire Code, Building Code an Public Health regulations
  • Notify the AGCO once inspections and approvals have been completed to the satisfaction of municipal authorities

Temporary Extension of Liquor Licences

The AGCO may approve a temporary physical extension of an already licenced premises for an event. This would include an existing patio.

The applicant will:

  • Make application to the AGCO for a Temporary Extension of a Liquor Licence
  • Provide a detailed layout of the event to Citizens First, Legal and Clerks Services, second floor, stating tent dimentions, if any, along with whether a barbeque is to be used. Tents of a specific size require a temporary building structure permit.
  • Complete a City of St. Catharines application form - provided upon submission
  • Contact Fire Services, Niagara Regional Public Health and Police Services in accordance with the AGCO requirements

Legal and Clerks Services will:

  • Circulate the detailed layout of the event to Fire Services, Planning and Development Services and Legal Services 
  • Upon compliance by the applicant and subsequent approval, the Clerk will issue a Letter of Non-Objection to the applicant for the event

Special Occasion Permits

The AGCO gives consent to a Special Occasion Permit. This permit is required to sell alcoholic beverages at any occasion that is not a licenced establishment or a private place or residence.

The Applicant will:

  • Obtain an application form complete with AGCO requirements. The special occasion permit form is available online and at specified LCBO stores
  • Take the application to the designated permit-issuing LCBO store in the municipality where the event is to take place. LCBO Staff can direct the applicant in this regard.
  • Provide a detailed layout/ plan to Citizens First, Legal and Clerks Services. The plan must included the date, time and location of the event, with additional detail should tents be erected. Tents of a specific size require a temporary building structure permit.
  • Allow the municipality 10 days for processing the Special Occasion Permit, in addition to the AGCO timeline.


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