LED Streetlight Upgrade Project

The City has converted the high-pressure sodium (HPS) light bulbs in cobra head street lights to high-efficiency light emitting diode (LED) fixtures.

The conversion was scheduled to take up to four years to complete however it was completed in 3 and a half years, this involved the conversion of more than 14,100 street lights across the city with approximately 50 fixtures remaking to be converted to LED. Now that the work is done our streets will be brighter and the City's street light energy bill is 62% lower.

Why We Made the Switch to LED

Light comparison - HPS versus LEDCost savings

  • LED street lights have reduced our annual energy costs by 62% and maintenance costs by as much as 60%.
  • The upgrade to LED has resulted in $720,000 in annual energy savings and $350,000 in annual maintenance savings for the City.
  • LED lights last five times longer than HPS bulbs.
  • The design of the LED casing makes it easier to access electrical components for replacement and repairs.

Better lighting

  • LEDs give off a more natural white glow compared to the yellow hue of HPS lights.
  • LEDs have better light distribution and have less glare.
  • The new LED street lights will have zero up-light, meaning there will be no wasted light pointing up towards the sky - all the light shines on the ground.

How the Project was Funded

The LED street light conversion project was approved by City Council in the spring of 2015 at a cost of $7 million. The City anticipates receiving $1.1 million in funding from the Independent Electricity System Operator incentive fund, bringing the cost of the upgrade down to $5.9 million, which will be paid for over a six year period using funds from the Federal Gas Tax.

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