Inter-Municipal Transit 

Inter-municipal transit connects Niagara's cities and towns, beyond the borders of St. Catharines. Inter-municipal transit service has been provided by Niagara Region Transit since 2011. 

Improved inter-municipal transit is identified as a strategic priority in the City's Strategic Plan under the pillar of Economic Sustainability.

Inter-Municipal Transit Working Group

Since January 2016, a Working Group of Mayors, CAOs and transit managers from St. Catharines, Welland and Niagara Falls with support from the Niagara Region, have been working together to develop options for integrated transit services for Niagara.

Work is now getting underway to prepare for a shared transit solution for Niagara. Staff will continue to report to City Council on progress. See below for the most recent updates and reports.


Inter-municipal transit is a priority because:

  • It moves people to work, school and health services
  • It supports current GO Bus and future GO Rail Service in Niagara
  • It facilitates economic development
  • It contributes to a high quality of life for Niagara residents
  • It supports sustainable development

Other transit initiatives:

Inter-municipal transit is related to other transportation initiatives by the City and Niagara Region including:


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