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Heritage Permits


If you live in a designated heritage home or are located within one of the city's heritage districts you may require a heritage permit prior to making certain changes to your property. 

Typically a heritage permit is required for more major changes to a designated heritage property.  For example,

  • Construction of a new dwelling
  • Additions
  • New porch 
  • New garage 

Interior changes to a building and routine maintenance rarely require a heritage permit. 


  1. If you require a heritage permit your application is submitted to the Planning and Building Services Department. 
  2. The application is reviewed by the Heritage Permit Advisory Committee, which makes a recommendation on the application. 
  3. Planning and Building Services then prepares a report to City Council for consideration when a demolition is proposed. All other heritage permit approvals (as new construction, addition) have been delegated to the Director of Planning and Building Services.



There is an application fee required to be submitted with a heritage permit application.


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