Friends of the Carousel

The Friends of the Carousel is a not-for-profit organization associated with the City of St. Catharines. They have co-ordinated many volunteers over the past 14 years to undertake the restoration of the historic Lakeside Park Carousel in Port Dalhousie.

What do the Friends of the Carousel do?

Starting in 2000, the Friends of the Carousel have worked meticulously to recreate the original appearance of the carousel at Lakeside Park. In addition to repairing and repainting each animal, the Friends have hand-carved and donated two animals: an outside stander horse and a lion identical to the remaining Looff lion, replacing one that was stolen in the 1970s. In addition, they have carved ornate heads for the carousel's outside rounding boards and repainted the coats of arms that grace these boards.

In 2009, the Friends of the Carousel officially completed restoration work on all 78 animals and the four chariots on the carousel. But restoration work is never really complete. The group continues to be busy repairing and maintaining animals that have been worn down by delighted riders over the years.

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How to get involved

Volunteers are welcome to assist with:
  • Restoring
  • Painting
  • Fundraising and Special Events

The restoration season runs from October to April.

The restorers meet on Thursday and Saturday mornings and painters on Tuesday mornings. Monthly volunteer meetings occur on the second-last Thursday of the month.

Friends of the Carousel photo

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