Fire Hydrants


Fire hydrants are routinely inspected and maintained on a rotating basis. This is necessary to ensure that hydrants are working correctly and have adequate pressure when needed for fire fighting.

Fire hydrants that are operated either for maintenance or fire fighting activities can disturb sediment in water lines and may cause temporary discolouration of the water in the immediate area. Residents who experience discoloured water are encouraged to run the cold water in their building in an effort to flush out the discolouration.
If the water does not clear within 10 minutes of flushing, residents can contact the City at 905.688.5600 for assistance.
Prior to the winter season city staff attach markers to fire hydrants so they are easier to locate in the snow. Residents with a fire hydrant located on their boulevard are asked to keep them accessible and clear of snow. In the event of a fire, gaining access is critical.

Temporary Fire Hydrant Connection

To acquire a temporary connection to a fire hydrant for construction, an application form must be submitted to the Transportation and Environmental Services Department located at City Hall, 50 Church Street.

There is a flat rate charge for city staff to connect to the hydrant. A hydrant water meter and backflow valve assembly will be attached, there is a rental fee for these devices per week of use. Water usage will be charged based on the hydrant meter readings. The fees are listed on the Application for Use of Fire Hydrant.


Image of Fire Hydrant
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