Doctor's Stethoscope

Know where to go

Walk-in clinics, doctor's office, ER, urgent care... it can be tough to know the right place to go for medical treatment. Visit the Niagara Health System's website for information on healthcare options available to residents.


To the best of our knowledge, the following clinics are accepting new patients:

Scott Street Medical Centre

387 Scott St., Unit A2C
St. Catharines
Phone: 905.646.8383

MedCare Clinics @ Walmart Pen Centre

221 Glendale Avenue (inside Walmart)
St. Catharines
Phone: 905.687.4252

  • Dr. Shanza Waqar
  • Dr. Yabondo Mukendi

Health Care Connect

If you need a family physician and are not currently registered with another family physician in Ontario, Health Care Connect can help you.  Visit the HCC website or call 1-800-445-1822.

Niagara Physician Recruitment and Retention

The following webpage contains a link to family physicians in Niagara Region who are accepting new patients:

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