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In Ontario, approximately 13 million tonnes of waste is produced annually.  Reducing the amount of waste we produce and increasing how much we recycle is both good for the environment and good for us.

In Ontario, waste is typically buried in landfills or incinerated; neither of which is great for the environment. Most local governments, including the Niagara Region, have recycling and diversion programs, which keep items that can be reused or composted out of our landfills.

In St. Catharines and across the Niagara Peninsula, the Niagara Region is responsible for waste and recycling collection. 

Visit the Niagara Region for more information on waste and recycling collection


Composting is the process of taking organic matter from our homes, yards and gardens and turning it into a safe and nutrient rich soil-like mixture for use on our lawns and gardens. Items such as vegetable peels, grass clippings, spent garden flowers and leaves can all be composted, and are great for adding back into your garden!

Visit the Niagara Region for more information on composting

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