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Are you Moving?

The lawyer acting on behalf of the purchaser of a property normally advises the City once the sale has taken place. If you have purchased a property and wish to ensure that the correct name(s), mailing address and phone number information have been received along with a current water meter reading, please contact the Water Billing Section with the contact information listed in the bottom left corner.

Alternatively residents who have purchased or sold a property can use our online form to ensure their information is up to date and to notify the City of a new water account or account closure.

Water Account Property Transfer Form

Tenant Mailing Contracts

Tenant mailing contracts are a courtesy which authorizes the water bill to be mailed to tenant at the service location. Tenant mailing contracts are permitted for single family homes or single unit commercial properties only.  The City does not change the water bill to the tenant’s name, it remains in the owner’s name therefore the responsibility of the property owner if it remains unpaid. 

The Municipal Act, 2001, authorizes the City to place unpaid water and wastewater fees and charges on the tax roll for the property to which the services were provided regardless of who was in receipt of the said service. As such, property owners need to be aware that although billing and payment notifications may be sent to a person other than the property owner, subsection 398 (2) of the Municipal Act, 2001 authorizes the City to add unpaid water and wastewater fees and charges to the tax roll of the property to which the public utility was supplied. In such circumstances, the fees and charges added to the tax roll will have priority lien status as described under section 1 of the Municipal Act, 2001.

Owner responsibilities:

  • The property owner must notify the City each time a new tenant moves into the property and complete a Tenant Mailing Contract.  Please be sure to take a water meter reading at the time of the tenant’s occupancy
  • A fee of $32.30 will be added the water account and billed to the owner each time a new tenant occupies the residence.
  • The property owner must notify the City each time a tenant moves out.  Please take a water meter reading.  This reading will be used to calculate a final tenant bill.  Email or call 905.688.5600 to provide us with the date the tenant moved out, the water meter reading and date it was taken, and the tenants forwarding address. This ensures a final bill is issued to the tenant.  If forwarding information is not provided the final bill will be directed to the homeowner.

Tenant Mailing Contract Application Form

Tenant Mailing Contracts will not be processed unless they are received complete.


The City of St. Catharines has designed a water/wastewater bill that is easier for customers to understand.
Read our guide to Understanding Your Water/Wastewater Bill.

Are you curious what your next Water/Wastewater Bill will be?
If you have your before and after meter readings and/or know your total consumption, see the column to the right for a direct link to our Water/Wastewater Consumption Calculator.

Pre-authorized payments 

The most convenient  way to pay your water bill is to enroll in our Pre-Authorized Payment Plan.

For billing inquiries, please call 905.688.5600

For payment and collections inquiries, please call 905.688.5601 ext. 1418

Go paperless with e-billing

The City of St. Catharines is going paperless, offering residents the opportunity to receive their property tax and water bills in an environmentally friendly, simple and secure way.

Visit our water and tax e-bill portal and access your water and tax bill information anytime, anywhere, with just a few clicks. Residents have the opportunity to receive their bills digitally instead of through the mail, and will also be able to access property tax instalment dates, assessments and transactions, as well as water consumption and transactions.

Water and Wastewater Meter Reading and Billing Frequency

The City is divided into 8 geographical sections for the purpose of Water Meter reading and subsequent Water and Wastewater billing.

The sections of the City are identified on your bill by an A, B, C, D, E, F, G or H.

On your bill, just below your Account Number, your section letter is indicated. Find that letter in the chart below to view your normal billing period ending dates.
Meter Cards are mailed to the homeowner in the Spring and Fall, about 2 weeks prior to the billing date. During the summer months the readings are attempted by a City Meter Reader. The bills are then prepared and mailed a few weeks after the billing date.

Normal billing period is three bills per year, mailed every four months.

Section  Billing date  Section  Billing date 
 A March 15
July 15
Nov. 15
 E Jan. 15
May 15
Sept. 15 
 B April 1
Aug. 1
Dec. 1
 F Feb. 1
June 1
Oct. 1
 C Apr. 15
Aug. 15
Dec. 15
 G Feb. 15
June 15
Oct. 15
 D Jan. 1
May 1
Sept. 1
 H March 1
July 1
Nov. 1


Meter Readings

Up-to-date meter readings are used to accurately determine water/wastewater bill. Meter readings can also help identify costly leaks. Water is unique to each household and no two are the same. Be sure to read your meter often so you are aware of your average consumption.

A meter reading reflects the amount of water consumed.

Online Meter Reading Submission

Submit your water meter reading(s) online using our convenient form.

All you need is your meter reading, as well as your account and meter number, both of which can be found on your water/wastewater bill or meter card.

Understanding your water meter

If the water meter has 5 digits and a tenths digit (the number in black), include the tenths in your submission. Based on the example below, the reading to enter would be 037200. If the meter shows more than 1 digit after the decimal, include only the first digit (the tenths) to the right of the decimal. In the example below, the reading to enter would be 003149.
WaterMeterimage1.jpg WaterMeterimage2.jpg


Did you know that leaky toilets are the most common cause of high water bills?

Leaky toilets can frequently go unnoticed. Read our information on Leaky Toilets for tips on recognizing the signs, diagnosing the problem and recommendations on how to proceed.

Water and Wastewater Payment Assistance

The City of St. Catharines offers programs to assist those receiving Ontario Disability Support Program benefits and seniors who pay water/wastewater charges. Assistance programs include an extension to pay and an application for a $100-credit for senior homeowners.

For more information, read our Assistance Programs.

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