Barbecues and Smokers

  • Cooking fires located in a barbecue for non-commercial purposes are permitted between the hours of 8am and 1 am.
  •  Barbecues shall be located not less than:
  • 1 meter horizontally from any structure, property line, overhang, balcony, tree, fence, roadway, overhead wires or other combustible material. (These clearances may be reduced where the barbecue or smoker is listed by a Canadian listing agency and the certification plate is attached and in a clearly legible form).
    • The barbecue may be located on a combustible deck provided that the cooking surface is located a minimum .75 meters above the combustible deck surface.
    • The surface of the cooking fire is located not less than 3 meters below any overhead objects.
    • The cooking fire is located not less than 3 meters from all building openings and intakes.
    • The cooking fire or smoke does not create a nuisance to any person as determined by St Catharines Fire and Emergency Services.
    • The person setting the fire is in constant watch and control over the fire and is no farther than 5 meters from the cooking fire.
    • A suitable means to extinguish the fire is available (fire extinguisher, garden hose etc.) is available nearby.
    • Barbecues shall use natural gas, propane, charcoal, or dry natural wood which has not been treated or painted. No building materials, or manufactures or altered wood products may be burned in a barbecue.
    • The cooking shall be extinguished immediately upon completion of cooking. 
  • Where the barbecue is propane the following additional requirements shall apply:
    • No more than three (3) "single-trip" or "non-refillable" propane cylinders shall be stored in a dwelling unit. (these are the small cylinders typically found on table top barbecues).
    • No propane tanks (other than those described above) shall be stored or installed inside a building, including a garage, on a roof, under, or within 3 meters of any window, air intake, fire escape, stairway, ramp or door used as a means of egress from a building.
    • Propane tanks transported in an elevator must be transported in a freight elevator. Where a freight elevator is not available a passenger elevator may be utilized where only the tank and the person transporting the tank are permitted.
  • Smokers may be used between the hours of 8am and 1am provided they meet the same requirements as above with the exception that they do not require a grill and the size of the cooking surface is not regulated.
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