2021 Volunteer Awards

While we may not be able to come together this year to celebrate and recognize the many contributions of volunteers in our community they still deserve all the thanks we can give. Not all heroes wear capes, instead they dedicate their time to help in a myriad of ways. It is volunteers who make our community the vibrant, compassionate space it is today, so join us in celebrating these individuals who give so much, and ask for nothing in return.

Mayor's Volunteer of the Year Award

The Mayor’s Volunteer of the Year award is presented to the individual who represents volunteerism at its finest level. Displaying leadership, their actions embody the compassion, optimism and momentum that will guide us towards a future of opportunity for everyone.

Mayors Volunteer Certificate: Len Bates

2021 Mayor's Volunteer of the Year Award:

The 2021 Mayor's Volunteer of the Year Award goes to Len Bates.

As a long-time member of the Kiwanis Club of St. Catharines, Bates has continually demonstrated his commitment to serving the community as an everyday hero. He has helped raised countless sums of money through his work organizing the club’s annual duck race in Port Dalhousie.

He has stepped up over the years to serve at one time as the president of the Kiwanis Board of Directors and as an active board member for the Kiwanis Seniors Complex. He has always used his local connections to better his community, including fundraising efforts and building support for saving Lock One in Port Dalhousie, protecting the heritage of his community while enhancing culture through the creation of a community hub and performing arts space.

Join us in recognizing Bates’ service to the community as a real-life hero.

Margaret and Robin MacLennan Youth Volunteer of the Year Award

The Margaret and Robin MacLennan Youth Volunteer of the Year award is presented to the youth individual who has displayed and demonstrated the principles and actions that help to create a healthier and more connected community. This individual promotes acts of kindness, is involved in community service, and balances volunteerism and personal commitments with class, grace and tenacity.

 Youth Volunteer Certificate

2021 Margaret and Robin MacLennan Youth Volunteer of the Year Award

The 2021 Margaret and Robin MacLennan Youth Volunteer of the Year Award goes to Jeffrey Lennox. 

During the pandemic Lennox has stepped up to support children, including newcomer Canadians, in his community through his work with Yaguars Sport and Social Club.

With elementary school children at home during lockdowns Lennox created online programs for the club, engaging elementary school children in science, technology, engineering and math learning in a virtual environment. He has motivated youth to explore new pathways in life through his creative leadership, and has acted as an ambassador to newcomer Canadian youth.

Recently he has helped the Yaguars connect with high school members, creating an online space for teens to relax, chat and share ideas while learning about mental health, finance and internet safety.

Join us in celebrating Lennox’s efforts as a true community hero.

2021 Volunteer Award Winners

Given annually, the Volunteer Recognition Awards recognize those outstanding volunteers whose unselfish and dedicated service to an organization has made a significant difference in the community. This year's recipients are:

  • Al Zaluski - Grantham Optimist Club
  • Barb Kulyk - Meals on Wheels Thorold - St. Catharines
  • Bob Hichcock - Peninsula Field Naturalists
  • Caroline Nolan - Canadian Federation of University Women
  • Catherine Milner - Lincoln County Humane Society
  • Charlotte Mikolajewski - Fitzgerald Neighbours
  • Egils Banders - Hospice Niagara
  • Eric Bodner - Grantham Optimist Club
  • Fred Bowering - Safe Streets Syringe Removal Service
  • Grace Black - Westview Centre for Women
  • Griffin VanBeurden - community volunteer
  • Janice Kelly - Meals on Wheels Thorold - St. Catharines
  • Jean Hampson - Peninsula Field Naturalists
  • Jeffrey Lennox - Yaguars Sports and Social Club
  • John Brenton - Historical Society of St. Catharines
  • John Paul Desy - Grantham Optimist Club
  • John Pula - Alzheimer Society Niagara Region
  • Judy Sewell - Canadian Federation of University Women
  • Kathy Moreau - Niagara Nutrition Partners
  • Larry Young - Grantham Optimist Club
  • Len Bates - Kiwanis Club of St. Catharines
  • Les McDonald - St. Catharines Public Library
  • Lijda Tiel - Heidehof Home for the Aged
  • Louise Librock - Rhythmic Waves Gymnastics Club
  • Maisy Birmingham - Gillian's Place donor / supporter
  • Martin Sarkisian - community volunteer
  • Matt Loney - Suitcase in Point
  • Mike Anderson - Grantham Optimist Club
  • Natasha Bell - Black Owned 905
  • Phady Khotmanivong - Laos Association of Niagara Peninsula
  • Ronald Chapman - Grantham Optimist Club
  • Rose Day - First Grantham United
  • Shama Baxter - Community Care of St. Catharines and Thorold
  • Tara Michel - Connaught Public School
  • Virginia Coles - Precious Angels Niagara
  • Yanal Aleassa - Niagara Folk Arts Multicultural Centre

MyHoodSTC Recognition Awards

The MyHoodSTC Recognition Awards are designed to foster a healthier St. Catharines by engaging and empowering residents to share what their neighbourhood means to them, working together, supporting each other, and celebrating their neighbourhood. This year's recipients are:

  • Ronald Chapman – St. Patrick’s Ward 4
  • Eric Bodner – Port Dalhousie Ward 6
  • Al Zaluski – Grantham Ward 5
  • Charlotte Mikolajewski – St. George’s Ward 3
  • Len Bates - Grantham Ward 5
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