Swimming Pools, Hot Tubs & Ponds


A permit is required for the installation of a swimming pool enclosure which is associated with the construction of a privately owned outdoor swimming pool.

A permit is not required to install a hydro-massage pool provided that "a secure cover of rigid material is placed over the entire opening of the hydro-massage pool and is locked in place, in order to prevent access to unauthorized persons when the hydro-massage pool is not in use."

The construction requirements for a swimming pool enclosure are found in the City's Fence By-laws and in By-law 2014-214 which amends By-law 2014-68.

For further assistance or information regarding zoning requirements or the construction of the swimming pool enclosure and placement of a swimming pool and associated equipment, please contact the Planning and Building Services Department.


Two sets of complete construction drawings, drawn to scale, must accompany all applications for permits.


When a permit has been issued, City inspectors conduct inspections for the levels of construction outlined on the issued permit.

It is the responsibility of the owner, or his or her agent, to call for inspections during certain stages of project construction. 

To arrange an inspection, please contact the Planning and Building Services department at least 48 hours in advance to schedule the date for the inspector to visit your project.


See the 2019 Schedule of Rates and Fees. Go to pages 51 - 62 for Planning and Building Services.

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