Incentives & Financing from the Provincial Government

The information below links to multiple sources to benefit those seeking financing and incentives from provincial government.  A brief description has been provided as well as a link to the appropriate website.

Innovation Demonstration Fund Program

The objective of the Innovation Demonstration Fund (IDF) is to help companies in their efforts to commercialize innovative technologies in Ontario by mitigating the risk of projects with significant pilot-scale technical hurdles.  The IDF is not aimed at routine engineering, upgrading, or improvements to existing processes, designs or products.

Ontario Emerging Technologies Fund

The Ontario Emerging Technologies Fund will co-invest with qualified venture capital funds and other private investors directly into companies working within the focus areas defined by Ontario's Innovation Agenda:

  • Clean technologies
  • Life sciences and advanced health technologies
  • Digital media
  • Information and communications technologies

Ontario Job Creation Partnerships

Ontario Job Creation Partnerships is an employment program that provides work experience to unemployed job seekers within projects that benefit the community or local economy.  At the end of their participation, participants in the program will have recent work experience and additional skills to add to their resumes, increasing their chances of successfully finding long-term employment.

Starter Company

Starter Company is a great opportunity for enterprising young people between the ages of 18-29 who want to start, grow and/or expand a business in their community. Applicants must not currently be in school full time. The program provides advice and mentorship from local business leaders to help get your business started or growing, and provides the potential for funding to help you achieve those goals.

Summer Company

Summer Company is an exciting opportunity for enterprising students, 15 to 29 years old, to start and run their own summer businesses. As a Summer Company entrepreneur, you'll receive hands-on business coaching and mentoring from local community business leaders who will help make your Summer Company a success.

Tax Credits, Benefits & Incentives

Tax credits, benefits and incentives provide tax relief by reducing or eliminating the total tax payable for corporations, individuals and unincorporated business. These include support for research and development, manufacturing and processing, mining and exploration, apprenticeship training, the entertainment sector and creative industries.

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