Plumbing Systems/Permits


A permit is required to install any new plumbing or alter existing plumbing. According to Schedule B7 of the Licensing By-law for the City for St. Catharines, every person, firm or corporation engaged in working at the business of plumbing must be licensed as a Master Plumber by the City of St. Catharines. This regulation is in place to safeguard life, health and property.

Private sewage systems, approvals and inspections, must be completed by Niagara Region Public Works Department in accordance with the provisions of the Ontario Building Code.


When a permit has been issued, City plumbing inspectors conduct inspections for the levels of construction outlined on the issued permit; however, for complex projects (and some minor projects) a schedule of inspections may be required to be arranged with the local inspector.


All plumbing tests and inspections must be made by City of St. Catharines plumbing inspectors in accordance with the requirements of Part 7 of the Ontario Building Code, before the work is concealed by floor or wall finishes. Inspection is also required when all fixtures and/or appliances are installed and before they are put into service.

To arrange an inspection, please contact the Planning and Building Services department at least 48 hours in advance to schedule the date for the inspector to visit your project.


See the 2019 Schedule of Rates and Fees. Go to pages 51 - 62 for Planning and Building Services.

photo of a plumber at work
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