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Your City, Your Future: St. Catharines Youth Forum

The youth forum is an event for high school students, post-secondary students, and young people under age 25 to get engaged in the issues they are facing in their city. The forum will be an opportunity to talk about ideas and actions to help make St. Catharines an even better place for young people to live, work, and build a future.

The 2017 Youth Forum was held on Mar. 22 with over 150 young people who shared ideas and their vision for the future of St. Catharines. The ideas and feedback generated at the forum will be reported to Council and the community in an upcoming staff report. 

If you are a young person with more ideas from the forum or if you missed the event and would like to share your input, please email the mayor's office at

Thank you for your participation. 


St. Catharines Youth Forum poster, March 22, 2017

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