Transportation Master Plan

City of St. Catharines Transportation Master Plan

Transportation is changing in our community, more people are biking to work, others are opting to take public transit; alongside the advent of new technologies like self-driving cars, and new services such as GO Train service, will impact how our community moves for decades to come.

Traditional needs will continue well into the future, and as a City, we are planning to ensure all stakeholders, be they business or commuters, recreational travelers or students, can get where they want, when they need to. The City is planning for new technologies and new challenges, while balancing needs including the impact of transportation on our environment.

All these considerations were critical in developing our latest Transportation Master Plan (TMP), which was finalized in 2021 and provides the road map toward future-ready transportation, with an eye towards meeting changing transportation needs; increased active transportation; public transit use; and changing technologies.

What is "Transportation?"

Transportation is about more than just cars and streets. It's about providing alternative and sustainable ways to connect residents to the places they need to go, both within the city and beyond our borders. Transportation is about:

  • Public transit
  • Cycling - both on roads and trails
  • Sidewalks
  • Walking paths
  • GO Train service
  • Inter-municipal Transit
  • And, yes, streets

View the City of St. Catharines Transportation Master Plan

Because of the size of the Transportation Master Plan (TMP) Document, it has been broken into chapters for ease of downloading. Please click on the links below to view or download the PDFs.

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