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Transportation Master Plan

Trails, trains, transit and traffic -  the City's Transportation Master Plan will be looking at all forms of transportation.

Why we need a TMP

Our last TMP was created 52 years ago. The transportation needs of the city have evolved significantly since then, and with GO Train and inter-municipal transit coming to St. Catharines now is the time for us to look at the long term transportation needs of the City.

What is "Transportation"?

Transportation is about more than just cars and streets. It's about providing alternative and sustainable ways to connect residents to the places they need to go, both within the city and beyond our borders. Transportation is about:

  • Public transit
  • Cycling - both on roads and trails
  • Sidewalks
  • Walking paths
  • GO Train
  • Inter-municipal Transit
  • And, yes, streets


We can't make a Transportation Master Plan without you. We need to hear from all residents about their vision for transportation.

There will be multiple opportunities for public feedback, both online and in person, and all public engagement opportunities will be posted on this webpage


  • MetroQuest LogoMetroQuest is an interactive, online activity that guides residents through questions and scenarios related to cars, transit and cycling.
  • You can take MetroQuest here.
  • MetroQuest is available until  Sept. 1.

MetroQuest Image

Other opportunities

Additional public feedback opportunities will be available in the fall, including a series of open houses and an online survey.

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