St. Catharines Strategic Plan: 2019 to 2028

Our Vision

Economic SustainabilityEconomic 

Social SustainabilitySocial

Environmental SustainabilityEnvironmental 

Cultural Sustainability IconCultural 


Our vision for the future is for St. Catharines to be the most dynamic, innovative, sustainable and livable city in North America.

Performance Dashboard

Strategic Plan 2019The St. Catharines Strategic Plan is organized under four pillars of sustainability: Economic; Social; Environmental; and Cultural. The City will continue to achieve success through strategic decision making that:

  • Embraces innovation, ensures sustainability and improves livability for all residents
  • Promotes operational and service excellence
  • Demonstrates accountability and transparency
  • Respects diversity, inclusiveness and equity
  • Enables people to achieve success  

Economic Prosperity

Strategic Goal: Support the City’s commitment to building and growing a diverse and resilient economy through fiscal responsibility, urban regeneration and collaborative partnerships.

 Economic Prosperity Objectives

1.1 Develop a Financial Plan as an overarching guiding document that informs all financial decisions and investments.

1.2 Develop a 10-Year Capital Infrastructure Plan that includes all major investments to address City needs, priorities and growth.

1.3 Establish a Capital Financing and Debt Strategy to balance affordability and investment needs.

1.4 Continue to implement the Economic Development Strategy (2017-2022) with particular focus on investments, employment and partnerships to attract, retain, and grow the economy of the City.

Social Well-Being

Strategic Goal: Build and support strong, inclusive neighbourhoods that provide high quality of life for residents of all ages.

 Social Well-Being Objectives

2.1 Establish area-specific plans for the redevelopment of key sites in the City to promote strong, compatible, connected neighbourhoods that enhance the quality of life.

2.2 Improve transportation and overall connectedness (all modes, including GO Rail, VIA Rail, and inter-municipal transit and active transportation), incorporate urban design guidelines and provide complete streets in City neighbourhoods.

2.3 Refine and implement the Recreation Facilities & Programming Master Plan (2015-2026) 

  • Incorporate key deliverables into the Capital Infrastructure Plan and annual budget process
  • Implement Park Renewal Plan (2017) and invest in prioritized play structures
  • Develop and implement sponsorship policy and pursue partnership opportunities for parks infrastructure.

2.4 Invest and leverage outside investments in Canada Summer Games Legacy projects that will provide permanent facilities and upgrades for future generations.

2.5 Update the Parks Policy Plan to include options for urban parks, civic spaces and exploration of a community benefits strategy.

Environmental Stewardship

Strategic Goal: Adopt innovative approaches and continue responsible community planning and decision-making that balances growth, enhances quality of life, manages emergencies, and minimizes the environmental impacts of climate change.

Environmental Stewardship Objectives 

3.1 Develop a Climate Change Action Plan that will address, at a minimum:

  • climate change impacts and mitigation plans
  • energy conservation and demand management
  • waterfront/shoreline protection and water course erosion
  • advocacy for updated floodplain mapping
  • storm water management options (e.g. future rate system)
  •  identify capital investments to address climate change
  • establish corporate waste reduction targets and ­sustainable building guidelines ­ 

Cultural Renaissance

Strategic Goal: Celebrate the City’s rich history, diversity, arts and cultural assets through leadership, promotion and investments that support measurable, sustainable creative growth.

 Cultural Renaissance Objectives

 4.1 Update the Culture Plan (2020) – Inspire St. Catharines (2015) to reflect the next phase of cultural investment and momentum through measured, sustained strategies, including a focus on:

  • support of the creative cluster and promotion of cultural talent, festivals, events and venues ­
  • stable sustainable cultural support and funding
  • addressing Heritage Preservation

Background information on the Strategic Plan

St. Catharines City Council approved the latest update to the St. Catharines Strategic Plan at its Oct. 7 meeting. The 10-year update identifies critical priorities and goals and serves as a blueprint to guide Council for its term and beyond to 2028.

The update builds upon the original Strategic Plan developed and approved by Council in 2015. City Council also made revisions in January 2017, before approving the most recent update in October 2019.


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