St. George Street Public Information Session


Project Number

P16-063 St. George Street

Construction Area

St. George Street from Dieppe Road to Facer Street

What We're Doing

  • Installation of a new sanitary sewer and road reconstruction from Delaware Avenue to Facer Street.
  • Road resurfacing and potentially a new sidewalk (depending on Public Information Session results) on the east side of St. George Street from Dieppe Road to Delaware Avenue.

How the Work Will Affect You


Due to the scope of the work, on-street parking and some of the access will be restricted on St. George Street during construction.


Just prior to the start of construction we will provide another notification. This notification will provide the contractor’s name and an update on the start and duration of the construction.

Extra Info

As construction gets set to begin we will give the name of the company who will be doing a pre-construction inspection of the buildings directly abutting the proposed work. They will survey these buildings to determine the extent of any existing cracking or damage. This information could then be used to determine the extent of the contractor’s responsibility in the unlikely event that damage occurs during construction.

Tentative Timeline

  • Construction start: Summer 2018
  • Duration: TBD

Public Information Session

Provide feedback and learn more about the project at our Public Information Session.

  • Thursday, May 17
  • 5pm to 7pm
  • St. Alfred's Church, St. Mary-Martha Room
  • 272 Vine St.
  • St. Catharines, ON L2M 473

Your feedback could be incorporated into the final project plan and tender process. If you have concerns and suggestions please let us know.


The following personnel can be contacted for any inquiries or for providing any comments:

Mike DiPaola, P.Eng.

Design & Construction Engineer
City of St. Catharines
50 Church Street, P.O. Box 3012
St. Catharines, ON L2R 7C2
905.688.5601 ext.1668

Steve Brant

Urban Environmental Management
4701 St. Clair Avenue, Suite 301
Niagara Falls, ON L2E 3S9
905.371.9764 ext. 242

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