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Port Dalhousie Business Association

The Port Dalhousie Business Association is governed by a board of directors elected by the membership for a four-year term, concurrent with the City Council's term of office. The board of directors controls the association's activities and approves all policies.

If you would like information on programs, events and activities visit the Port Dalhousie Business Association on Facebook.







Meeting Schedule

The Board of Management meets monthly. Meetings are held at the Lock Street Brewing Company (15 Lock St.) and begin at 8:30 a.m.

Members of the public are welcome to attend. RSVP in advance to Wolfgang Guembel, chair of the Port Dalhousie Business Association, by email at or by calling 905.931.3472.

2017 Board of Director Meetings:

  • Tuesday, February 7

  • Wednesday, March 8

  • Tuesday, March 21 - Annual General Meeting

  • Tuesday, April 11

  • Tuesday, May 9

  • Tuesday, June 13

  • Tuesday, July 11

  • Tuesday, August 8

  • Tuesday, September 12

  • Tuesday, October 10

  • Tuesday, November 14

  • Tuesday, December 12

Board of Directors

  • Wolfgang Guembel - Trysport Niagara (Chair)
  • Joe Medeiros - Pier 61 Bar & Grill (Vice-Chair)
  • John Scott - Scorecard Harry's (Past-Chair)
  • Imast-Bayzar Bulgan - Your Boutique (Treasurer)
  • Rachel Wrighton - Balzac's Coffee
  • Al Visser - VISCO Holdings Limited
  • Gregory Darte - Lock Street Brewing Company

  • Rozie Stodulski -Rix Bistro

  • Carlos Garcia - City of St. Catharines, Ward 6 Port Dalhousie Councillor
  • Sabrina Maselli - City of St. Catharines, City Liaison (Secretary) Ex-officio

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting took place on Tuesday, March 21 at the Pier61 Bar and Grill (61 Lakeport Road).

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