Plaza Improvements at 40 St. Paul Street

The City of St. Catharines has retained Rankin construction Inc. to do some improvements to the plaza area located at 40 St. Paul and at the intersection of William and St. Paul streets. 

The project scope includes:

  • construction of a bump out at William and realignment of the crosswalk to improve the pedestrian crossing 
  • replacement of the existing plater box on St. Paul and construction of 2 additional planting areas.
  • regarding the plaza area and construction of a concrete plaza area to provide a surface for the installation of seating
  • Improved lighting
  • replacement of existing sidewalk

Once the work is complete the City will work with the Region to install a pedestrian cross-over signal similar to the one currently at Garden Park and St. Paul in this location.

The City has a concept plan and detailed engineering drawing for the project.

What to expect during construction

Construction is anticipated to begin in October and will last approximately six weeks.

In order to protect construction workers and the public, and to complete the work safely and in a timely manner, temporary sidewalk detours and traffic lane closures may be required during certain construction operations. These detours and lane closures will be minimized as much as possible and, although the contractor will provide traffic control personnel, traffic will be unavoidably congested at times.

In the immediate project area parking maybe be restricted at times but access to businesses and residences will be available at all times.

The City of St. Catharines recognizes that construction is an inconvenience to residents and business owners. We thank you for your patience. Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated.


On Jan. 23, 2018, Ontario’s Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, Jeff Leal, announced at the Rural Ontario Municipal Association conference the province would allocate $26 million to its Main Street Revitalization Initiative. The intiative supports capital improvements in small businesses and generates strategic public investments in municipal and other public infrastructure that will benefit small businesses within Ontario’s main street areas.

At its meeting on April 23, 2018, City Council directed staff to utilize the funding received from the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, in the amount of $147,347.29 to enhance the intersection and plaza area of William Street / St. Paul Street.

The recommended plaza site was previously the home of a commercial main street building that was destroyed by fire. The construction of this plaza will not only allow the City to provide much-needed public space, but also restore the fabric of the St. Paul Street environment and improve access to the Meridian Centre. The construction of a plaza space in this location was previously contemplated as part of the Meridian Centre construction project. It was removed from the scope of that project for budgetary reasons. The existing grass lawn on the site was intended to be an interim condition. The construction of a public plaza in this location was also identified as an Action Item in the City’s Lower Level Valley Design and Implementation Master Plan (2015).

Staff identified that this funding provides an excellent opportunity to also complete much needed improvements at the intersection and plaza area of William Street / St. Paul Street. The potential of introducing a pedestrian cross-over signal at this intersection, similar to that installed at Garden Park and St. Paul Street is crucial to any formalization of this location as a pedestrian crossing and will serve to provide an enhanced crossing opportunity in this high traffic area. Serving as a gateway to Niagara’s only Urban Growth Centre, an investment in this site will not only enhance the Meridian Centre entrance experience but act as a much needed programmable public space. The plaza design also provides opportunities (already under consideration) for partnerships with local business through lease or vending opportunities within the space which support the vibrant commercial function of St. Paul Street.

 Project contact

Samantha Downing

Design and Construction Engineer

905.688.5601, ext. 1610


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